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Do you feel choked and heavy all the time? Are you losing interest in everything you do? Are you feeling anxious about situations?

Anxiety and Depression are on a constant rise. Thanks to the changing lifestyles, digitized work environments and increasing social networking. Majority of the populations across the world are dealing with Work Problems, Relationship Issues, Failures of all kinds, Peer pressure and what not. The popular words of millennial generation include work stress, home stress and the diminishing interest levels in today’s fast paced life.

Depression and Anxiety are sometimes inter-related and sometimes different issues. Counseling can cure both but that doesn’t mean there is a similar medicine for both the issues. Our counselors at Café Counsel can help you fight the self-depreciating thoughts and can also hand-hold you with certain do-it-yourself strategies to combat stress and anger.

If you are anxious most of the times and if you are suddenly loving the lone time as much as possible. If you are mostly dis-interested.

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