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Did you know that Stress is nothing but the inability to handle a life situation? Are you feeling too much stressed?

Career is demanding because we are all working on our goals and ambitions. While it is good to have ambitions, it is really not recommended to stress about it. If you are dealing with some physical changes like stiff muscles, high blood pressure, heavy breaths and pounding heart, you are stressed. And it is very dangerous and unhealthy for the physical and mental health.

Usually it is not stress which is worrying but the after effects can be fatal. And that is why at Café Counsel, we are constantly working on programs that guide our audiences to how to beat the stress.

The counseling sessions will work as the de-stress mechanism and the counselor will help you with simple de-stress techniques to empower you to beat the stress. We will make you more equipped and ready for the life situations.

To save yourself from stress lead anxiety and depression.

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