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Online Counselling with Cafe Counsel: The need of the hour

In a fast paced and busy world, where people are left with little time and energy to focus on their mental and emotional well being, online counselling is the dire need of the hour. As per WHO’s report, ‘Depression and Other Common Mental Disorders — Global Health Estimates’ around 322 million people worldwide are suffering from depression. Out of this, over five crores are Indians. This is an alarming rate that cannot be ignored.

Cafe Counsel is an online counselling service provider that empowers people to live an enriched life and overcome issues of anxiety, depression and other life altering emotional as well as mental problems.

What is online counselling

Online counselling is a facility of professional mental health services where therapy is offered through the internet. This is mainly done through video-conferencing and live chat and sometimes email. Cafe Counselservices are similar to the traditional method of psychotherapy with a difference that our online mode harnesses the advantage of the internet to offer you counselling at your convenience and place of comfort.

As effective as regular therapy

It is important to understand that online counselling is as effective as regular therapy. As per a study conducted by Cohen and Kerr (professors of psychology at Arizona State University) on how effective this medium is to treat anxiety disorders in students, it was revealed that there was ‘no difference in the level of change for the two modes as measured by the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory’. The quality of treatment at Cafe Counsel does not get diminished as you will be attended to by the very experts who offer face to face guidance and have made a positive difference in the life of patients.

Our core values...

Every therapy and service that we provide resolves around the four values of non-judgement, empathy, integrity, trustworthiness and community spirit.


Our sole purpose is to heal you and empower you to live a better life. We do not come with any preconceived notions or beliefs and provide therapy free of any judgement.


We feel your pain and can understand what you are going through. It is out of this feeling of empathy that we provide the therapy.


All our counsellors operate from a place of integrity.


We understand that you are letting us into your inner world and vulnerabilities. Trust is as important for us as it is for you.

Community Spirit

We care for our community and are working tirelessly towards a happy society free of stress, anxiety, depression and any other related issues.

Why Online Counselling with Cafe Counsel...

No more social stigma

In a country where their victims are still looked down upon and going to a psychologist is not openly received, online counselling is a boon. At Cafe Counsel, we respect your privacy and offer therapy in a manner that is discreet and confidential.

Your time is precious to us

Research shows that online counselling is helpful for disabled or rural people who do find it difficult to reap the benefits of regular clinical services. Our medium is also greatly beneficial for working professionals pressed for time or those living in rural and distant areas. You do not have to be in a particular city or spend energy travelling to receive our professional services. Sessions can be scheduled during office lunch hours or the little window of break one has in between of their hectic day. This even comes in handy for mothers who cannot leave their child behind or the ailing elderly for whom the prospects of travel can be cumbersome.

We value you convenience and comfort

For many, the prospect of going to a clinic can be intimidating and thus prove a deterrent to receiving the treatment required. CafeCounsel offers you the convenience of your space and thus the whole experience becomes less daunting. When you are in your zone of comfort, you are automatically more relaxed and receptive towards the treatment. It also becomes easier to convince those in need to get the therapy as it does not require effort on their part. Parent child counselling, anger management therapy and marital counselling can be effectively received in this manner.

Cafe Counsel Promise

Our mission at Café Counsel is to make mental health accessible in the most convenient and confidential way. We are an on-demand mental and emotional well-being service provider where you matter the most. Our counselling program is tailor-made around your needs, comfort, benefits, and convenience. We respect your need for privacy and provide you with a platform where you can heal in the comfort of your space. We use technology to connect you with qualified and experienced counsellors, psychologist, psychotherapists, life coaches and career counsellors to guide you through your difficult and testing times. Our experts are hand picked through a verified onboarding process, offering you the best of the breed experience.