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What is Café Counsel?

Café Counsel is your personal detox partner, online. It is a platform with the best of expert psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and holistic healers ready to help you at a click or touch.

Who are the counselors?

All our experts are certified, licensed and trained in specialized fields like child psychology, Adult psychology, Clinical Counseling with a minimum of 2 years counseling practice in respective fields of specialization.

How does the free consultation work?

There are only 3 steps involved in availing the free audio/video counseling session.
    Step1: Register on the website, all you need is your Name and gender along with email address and mobile number
    Step2: Choose the expert
    Step3: Check availability & Block the expert’s calendar, and you are done. You can avail your first 20 minutes free session in just 3 steps, its that simple, convenient and easy.

What if I am not happy with counseling provided?

At Café Counsel, we totally understand the comfort levels should match. We have a provision for the users to change the expert in case he/she feels any discomfort. The expert could also recommend you to another expert, if there’s a need for specialized counseling intervention and expertise.

Can I go back and see the archives of my sessions with the expert?

Yes. You will be provided a dashboard on sign up where you can access all the previous archives anytime during or after the process.

If the counselor recommends some therapies, will Café Counsel help?

Café Counsel can definitely assist you and work together with you to find the right solution for you. In certain cases, which require medical intervention, we will guide the way forward.

Is there a provision to change, stop or transfer the membership?

We certainly respect your decision and so there’s a provision for refund. You may request a refund for the services you have paid in advance. We recommend you to go through our refund policy for better understanding. Incase you are not happy with out refund policy write an email to admin@cafecounsel.com we will try our best to serve you. As you know we are an organisation “where you matter” most

Can I stay anonymous?

Yes. You can stay anonymous and use chat, audio and video discreetly.

How is my privacy protected?

The case details and chats are restored in a secure website and the database access is only available with you and the expert helping you at Café Counsel.

I am a licensed counselor and have tied up with hospitals? Can I provide services at Café Counsel?

Certainly, we would be more than glad to have you on-board. Please fill the registration form, someone from Café Counsel will get back to you in next 48hours. (registration link)

What if my session is interrupted due to emergent reason or technical issues?

For any such issue, you can write to us on techsupport@cafecounsel.in and resume the session as per the availability of yourself and the expert.

Will I be paying to Café Counsel through a secured payment gateway?

Yes. The payment gateway is secure and firewall protected.

Are there any special system requirements for sessions with Café Counsel?

Its pretty simple. All you need is an Internet connection and an email id. Please check our “how does it work video”. For any other assistance you can chat with us instantly without registering with us.