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Café Counsel

We understand that life is not always a smooth road flanked by roses. With unexpected curveballs being thrown at you every once in a while, it is easy to lose yourself in the madness of it all. Feeling lost in life? Overcome by grief? Stressed out? Undergoing something that you are too ashamed to talk about? Whatever the issue may be, no matter how trivial or big, you can always lean on us at Café Counsel to pull you out of it, provide you with sound advice and transform your life.

Café Counsel is an on-demand mental and emotional well-being service provider where you matter the most. Our counselling program is tailor-made around your needs, comfort, benefits and convenience. We respect your need for privacy and provide you with a platform where you can heal in the comfort of your space. We use technology to connect you with qualified and experienced counsellors, psychologist, psychotherapists, life coaches and career counsellors to guide you through your difficult and testing times. Our experts are handpicked through a verified onboarding process, offering you the best of the breed experience.

Our experience and expertise in the field of Mental and Emotional wellness have really come handy in carefully designing our services. Do note that we at Café Counsel are completely privy to the social stigma attached to mental health issues, and so our endeavour is to use the digital platform to provide real-time mental health therapy with total confidentiality and anonymity.

Café Counsel is a team of dedicated experts committed to making Mental and Emotional wellbeing easily available, in the most comforting spaces of your home and office at your convenience. All our experts at Café Counsel believe in being friendly, empathetic, and sensitive in their therapeutic approach yet delivering assured positive results.

Our primary areas of counseling include Relationship Counselling, Depression & Anxiety, Sexual wellness, Parent-Child Counselling, Teens & Young Adults Counselling, Adult Counselling, Anger & Mood Management, Office Stress, Career and Pregnancy.

Remember, you always have the power to turn your life around, no matter what situation you are in.